Frequently Asked Questions

Start your own medspa without any startup cost.
Your role: 100% patient care and medical procedures

Our role: A to Z practice support
Medical directorship – depending on your state supervision requirement
Startup cost – provide upfront cost for products and supplies needed to open
Business setup – LLC formation, medical malpractice
Marketing – branding, website, social media, paid ads, email
Practice location – find a medspa location and pay rental payment
Training – medical training, sales training
Software – scheduling, EMR and patient messaging all in one
Patient relationship – dedicated virtual Patient Care Coordinator who will handle generic questions, scheduling change request, or other patient related issues until you are busy enough to hire your own local PCC.

Please click on this link to see our executive team.

Medspa Circle is backed by over 30 years of combined medspa startup and marketing knowledge. Dr. Jay Park MD is the founder and has been running medspa or consulting pharmaceutical companies and other aesthetic practices for almost 20 years. He also operates one of the largest cosmetic medical injection training company in the USA.

Medspa Circle is a network of individual aesthetics practitioners who fulfilling their dreams of opening an aesthetics practice. We are currently working with MD/DO, DDS, PA and NP to make this dream a reality.

Location: Pop-up medspa model. We contact hair salons, day spas and other wellness clinics in your area with a private room. We either settle on a joint marketing or rental agreement with the location. 

Pricing: Too good to be true pricing. We make bulk purchases with Merz and Prollenium, and we extend those price savings to our patients. 

Short days and high volume: Who wants to work long days? Nobody. We will optimize patients per hour to give you shorter working days with higher pay, so that you can enjoy more of your non-work life.

Marketing: Done for you, omnichannel marketing.

Patient centric: Under inject all new patients to minimize complication, free touch ups within reason, customer friendly refund policy, fast in and out appointments

Injector centric: Zero pressure sales, cooperative marketing strategy, comprehensive training and oversight

End of the month finance: Injectors get paid first, then settle expenses when cash flow allows

Typically, we will need two months before you open your door.

We are starting our launches by state. Please contact us if you are interested in your state. In terms of where in your city, our team will do the analysis of the metropolitan area and make a recommendation about where we can target. We will find locations for you. 

Interview process:

  1. Contact us and submit your resume
  2. Interview with HR, Regional Director, and Medical Director
  3. Submit 3 profession and patient references
  4. Speak to our current Medspa Circle network injector
  5. Once approved, you’ll get an extensive checklist to get your new aesthetic practice up and running


You want:

  1. To practice aesthetic medicine primarily, because you love the artistry and patient satisfaction without the annoying business side.
  2. Use best practice techniques to offer world-class services by learning from leading experts in medical injection and patient satisfaction
  3. No hassle with the business side of running the practice
  4. Marketing that is amazing and 100% done for you

The alternative? Well, you don’t have to join us.

  1. You can learn how to open a med spa on your own by watching a lot of YouTube videos.
  2. You can learn how to market and operate the business on your own by reading a ton of blogs.
  3. You can use a different corporate med spa franchise that will charge a large startup fee.
  4. You can use a different med spa partner, but they won’t have the marketing backend or a door-buster offer that will fill your practice during your first month. 

We’ve successfully launched several med spas in Southern California using the same model: pop-up med spa, too good to be true pricing, short clinic days, patient and injector centric, no pressure sales. In some cases, the med spas are cash flow positive in the first month.

Short answer: We estimate that you will make $100 per hour within 3 months if you follow our exact model ($99 Xeomin Challenge, $299 Versa Challenge, 4 hour work days at one location per week). In the months after, we estimate that you will make $100+ per hour.

Long answer: The laws regarding fee splitting and profit sharing in medicine is lengthy. We use an RVU model to compensate all of our Medspa Circle partners. Generally, the RVU calculation will be near 50% of the profit that is generated at your practice. Contact us to see sample financial of our med spas in California.

You can offer whatever pricing structure you’d like. However, the cost per patient will be higher and your practice will NOT be as full as we expect during the first year. You will experience a slower growth.  Your higher prices may off set the slower days, but this is unpredictable.

Vendors: Right now, we are ONLY partnering with Merz (Xeomin and Belotero) and Prollenium (Versa). If you want to inject something else, then we are currently unable since we do not have other vendor partnerships.

Services: We will likely add micro-needling, PRP, topical skincare, PDO thread, skin tightening machine, and body sculpting in the future. There is no definite timeline. 

The pricing comes from the official vendors in the USA. We can offer these pricing as long as the vendors give us the bulk pricing. We also recognize the there are many other neurotoxin and dermal filler companies that we can partner with if anything should change in the future. 

More than one to three years of experience: Review of knowledge and skills, and an extensive shadowing of injection skills by our medical team (duration depending on assessment).

No experience: We are able to launch your own aesthetic practice, but you will need to get your OWN medical director. We recommend that you first get training through our partner company: Cosmetic Medical Training. After you have completed the training, then we can help your independent practice (100% owned by you with your own medical director) with our business practice agency.

If you are a physician, then you may opt to open your own LLC, bank account, malpractice insurance. Both NPs and PAs have different legal regulations depending on the state that will be explored on a state by state basis. 

Shared monthly cost is the expense to run a functioning medspa. The expense is NOT something you pay, but subtracted from the Gross Revenue of your medspa monthly earning.

Expenses = Cost of goods sold, supplies (needles, gauze, etc), social media advertising, rental, misc (insurance, credit card processing fees, any bank fees, tax, license fees, software fees, etc.).

Also, if you decide to hire a local Patient Care Coordinator, then this person’s salary is shared.

We will apply and purchase the malpractice insurance for the practice. You will not have to pay for the malpractice up front. A small monthly fee will be deducted to pay for the malpractice insurance, a cost that is shared between you and Medspa Circle’s LLC.

Please contact us at:
(212) 470-9868

We are seeking physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants

With ONE YEAR of aesthetic experience to start on your own journey to financial freedom.